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QPT Tax Agent: Your Trusted Tax Review Service for Optimal Cost Management

Every day, businesses engage in numerous complex economic transactions that involve various tax categories, such as corporate income tax, value-added tax, personal income tax for employees, copyright fees, research and development fees, innovation incentive bonuses, and more. Keeping track of all the intricate tax regulations related to these transactions can be challenging for accounting teams, and as a result, businesses face significant tax-related risks.

According to regulations, after businesses complete their financial reports and tax settlements, tax authorities will conduct audits to ensure that the reported information complies with the law. To prepare for these audits and mitigate potential tax risks, it’s crucial for your company to thoroughly review all aspects of your tax matters. This is where QPT Tax Agent comes in to assist you!

The main purpose of our tax review service is to provide your company with a comprehensive overview of its compliance with existing tax regulations. By conducting this review, we help identify and rectify any errors, potential tax risks, and enhance tax accounting efficiency. Our goal is to help your business optimize its post-tax profits in the most reasonable manner possible.

Understanding that each client has unique needs, strategies, and objectives, QPT Tax Agent tailors our services to meet those specific requirements. We conduct a thorough analysis of your operational processes, strategies, and goals to identify discrepancies and offer suitable solutions. Our ultimate aim is to help you UNCOVER HIDDEN RISKS and MAXIMIZE POST-TAX PROFITS.

Our Tax Review Service covers the following areas:

  1. Corporate Income Tax Review:
      • We collect and review documents such as investment certificates, business registration, and relevant updates to assess any applicable tax incentives for the audit period.
      • Our team examines audit reports and corporate income tax returns, including any supplementary filings submitted to the tax authorities during the audit period. We identify adjustments required to comply with tax regulations, with a specific focus on determining non-deductible expenses and suggesting additional adjustments.
      • We determine the tax position for corporate income tax, primarily based on any tax losses that can be carried forward to future years and the utilization of available tax incentives.
      • Our experts review any documents, correspondence, or communications between your company and the tax authorities to identify potential areas of attention.
      • We verify, based on a selected sample, the calculation and reporting of corporate income tax during the audit period to ensure accurate deductions, revenue reporting, and timely tax filings.
      • We offer support in calculating and preparing your company’s final corporate income tax settlement for the audit period.
      • Our team examines selected documents, reporting procedures, and record-keeping (including contracts, invoices, payment receipts, etc.) to assess their “reasonable and valid” nature for each transaction and tax treatment.
  2. Value-Added Tax (VAT) Review:
      • We review audit reports and VAT returns, including any supplementary filings submitted to the tax authorities during the audit period. We determine necessary adjustments to comply with tax regulations, especially regarding non-deductible expenses.
      • Our experts examine VAT returns and payment receipts during the audit period based on a selected sample.
      • We identify critical issues related to VAT and recommend any necessary updates to the VAT returns if applicable.
  3. Personal Income Tax (PIT) Review:
      • We support the review and calculation of personal income tax settlement, including detailed calculations and supporting documents provided by your company during the audit period.
      • Our team assesses the tax positions for taxable and non-taxable incomes.
      • We identify complex issues related to PIT and propose solutions, including necessary supporting documents, to optimize PIT liabilities.

QPT’s Commitment to You:

  • We prioritize the security of your information and take responsibility for any loss or mishandling of data.
  • Our service is cost-effective compared to other providers.
  • We guarantee timely completion of tasks in accordance with regulations.
  • We provide prompt delivery of all necessary records and documents to you.
  • We offer timely consultation on any matters related to your business operations.

With QPT Tax Agent’s Tax Review Service, you can rest assured that your company’s tax matters are in safe hands. We are dedicated to helping you maintain compliance, reduce tax risks, and optimize your post-tax profits. Let us partner with you to achieve financial success in a tax-efficient manner. Contact us today for personalized and reliable tax solutions!


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